Beau Beau

Beau Beau (pronounced ‘Boo Boo’) is the love child collaboration between two Beau’s split between Johannesburg and Cape Town. The brand, named after their affectionate nicknames for one another, started as a range that the two created for themselves and the kind of clothing they want and need. The collection is inspired by their unique tastes and differences but most importantly the crossover of their similarities and friendship. Paige Sher, known for her ready-to-wear brand ‘Paige Smith’ and designer/artist, Jana Hamman (one half of the creative studio Jana+Koos) have always had a shared appreciation for an easy-to-wear, basic but considered and well-manufactured contemporary all-black wardrobe. Created with women in mind, but not exclusively for them, this collection features statement basics and strong silhouettes cut from premium fabrics and attention to detail. Designed to be trans-seasonal, Beau Beau is a streetwear label, that you can dress up but will always be comfortable in.
Handmade in Cape Town.

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