Asa Sadan

ASA SADAN is a luxury heritage brand based in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand references themes, motifs and iconography of South African heritage, with particular focus on the lived experience of the Asian-African Diaspora. Historical analysis and critical discourse around South Africa’s rich history lie at the heart of the label.

Asa Sadan’s founder Imran Mohamed launched the brand’s debut collection exclusively at Duck Duck Goose. The collection, titled ‘Dissertation Studies’ is an extension of Mohamed’s Masters in Business Administration at Central Saint Martins in London.

The name ‘Asa’ (pronounced ‘ay’ – ‘sah’) – named after Mohamed’s grandmother – is a Malaysian/Indonesian adaptation of the Persian name ‘Asa’ (pronounced ‘ah’ – ‘sah’), with a multitude of meanings including ‘beautification’, ‘adornment’, ‘might’, ‘power’ and ‘capability’.

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