Bat Butt

Bat Butt is the brainchild zine project of Duck Duck Goose’s most frequent collaborator, illustrator and artist Shaun Hill. Shaun has produced seven Bat Butt zine issues, with more than 100 collaborators contributing grimy and dark yet playful lo-fi imagery that come together in a themeless hodgepodge of raw expression. Shaun has been known for his work on various Duck Duck Goose and Good Good Good T-shirt designs, but Bat Butt offers him the platform to express his own artistic sensibilities.

In 2023, Shaun released Bat Butt’s debut clothing collection exclusively with Duck Duck Goose, featuring Shaun’s imagery screen-printed and embroidered onto Good Good Good tees, hoodies and totes. Read more about Shaun and Bat Butt on our blog.

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