Atelier Interiors

Duck Duck Goose’s first furniture catalogue, originally designed and custom-made to fill 120 Bree Street, is now available for purchase. Our collaborator for this offering, Atelier Interiors, is deeply ingrained in the interior design and visual identity of our store, having constructed the furniture that has served as the strong and elegant backbone of our space since its opening in 2020.

Adri Clery, founder of Atelier Interiors, with over fifteen years of design and architectural industry experience and expertise, specialises in designing pieces that offer bold, sophisticated and unique takes on functional furniture. As a continuation of our collaborative relationship, we are excited to offer reproductions of these classic pieces, in the hope that they will provide you with as much pleasure as they’ve given us and our customers.

Each piece is made with deep consideration for durability, functionality and beauty by artisanal craftsmen, and can happily be tailor made to suit your specific needs.

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